I’ve always wanted to build the perfect home. At first, I had my eyes set on getting that Victorian style but eventually ended up living in a ranch. When I moved to the South, I was able to acquire a nice piece of land. It wasn’t the right environment for a Victorian house but it sure was the perfect place to build a ranch home, and that’s exactly what I built.

I started building the place I now call home from scratch. It’s very cost-effective, and interior-wise, I was able to save a lot of money by scoring old furniture. I repurposed them to match my taste. Inside my ranch house, you will see a number of repurposed furniture that’s perfect for the rustic-country style.

Building my ranch house is one of the achievements I’m  most proud of. Who would have thought that I’d trade my long time dream of getting a Victorian home for a ranch? My family was surprised when they found out that I built a beautiful home.\

Building My Dream House

I think what I love most about living here is the fact that I can immerse myself in solitude when I want to. I can relax and let my mind wander into the wilderness. Other times, I enjoy the company of friends when they come to visit the ranch. Learn more information regarding ranch homes.

My family sometimes spend the weekend here when they feel like they need to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. They enjoy the serenity my ranch home offers. It’s just a couple of hours drive from the city so it’s really easy to get here.

I’m proud of the home I have built. I’m happy with the life I have. I don’t think I’d ever trade this ranch for a home in the city. I like the stillness here. I guess, I can finally say that I have built my dream house.