Terrazzo Flooring

Another type of popular flooring is called terrazzo flooring or marble chips is, usually recommended for bathrooms and dining rooms flooring. With a special type of marble chips embedded in it, terrazzo is a concrete surface. Terrazzo material is used for floor and wall treatments, a composite material either poured in place or precast. Poured… ( Read More )

Different Kitchen Floors

Here are some of the available materials for your kitchen flooring ideas as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Bamboo Kitchen Flooring Bamboo makes an awesome kitchen flooring material, especially if you lean towards organic pieces. Bamboo spreads so immediately it provides an exceptional, worthwhile material for flooring. Aside from its appealing organic feature, its… ( Read More )

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

When trying to decide which among the kitchen flooring ideas might be the most suitable for your cooking spot, its function and flexibility should be considered as your top priority. Most of the flooring these days are being made at a lower cost yet more durable. A plethora of eye-catching materials  options and patterns  available… ( Read More )